11th generation Sunja Chest Surgery No evenly chubby 168 cm 53 kg


Soon-ja (a pseudonym) of the 11th generation of “I am a solo” honestly answered the plastic surgery question.

Soon-ja had time to answer questions from fans on the 25th. When asked about her height and weight, Sun-ja honestly answered, “168cm, 53kg.”

When asked, “Do you have any regrets about being on the show?” he said, “I have no regrets at all. The staff took pictures of my beautiful 20s with care.It’s so nice to be able to make fun memories while taking them out when you’re bored. I’m going to show it to my kidHe replied, “Hahaha.”

As for ‘meal lighting’, which became a hot topic, he said, “I’m actually serious about food, so I’m only doing it for those who like it…..I also want to be meal-lighted by my future husband,” he said coolly.

One fan said, “Did you have chest surgery? “You’re pretty.” Soonja said, “I didn’t do the surgery, my face, my body^^ “I’m evenly chubby,” he replied. Soon-ja, who is currently not in a relationship, said, “My love cells are dead. And I feel so comfortable alone…”I have to date next year, but I don’t know.” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Soon-ja appeared in the 11th episode of SBS PLUS and ENA’s “I’m a Solo.” It was made in the final choice with Youngchul, but he said he was not meeting now

11th generation Sunja Chest Surgery No evenly chubby

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