18 Dominican players failed to transfer to WBC…Guerrero JR “I hope it’s not me”.

Major League Baseball clubs reportedly refused to transfer 18 Dominican Republic players to the WBC.


According to local media in the Dominican Republic on the 29th, Nelson Cruz, head of the Dominican Republic’s baseball team, said, “Major League clubs have refused to transfer 18 players from the 50 preliminary WBC entry list. “The clubs have the right to refuse to transfer players,” he explained.

It has not yet been revealed who the players are. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto), a major leaguer from the Dominican Republic and famous for his strong patriotism toward his home country, expressed his intention on his SNS when the news was announced.

The Dominican Republic, along with the United States and Japan, was a strong candidate for the WBC championship. In addition to Guerrero Jr., there are a number of the best stars in the Major League, including Manny Machado, Juan Soto (San Diego), and Julio Rodriguez (Seattle), the “Rookie King.” They are known to have actually expressed their strong will to win the WBC.

However, if his club refuses to transfer, it is difficult to participate in the WBC. Major League Baseball secretariat and the players’ union have put their lives and lives on the WBC to boost the baseball box office fever. Seeing that the U.S. national team has formed a star corps with Mike Trout (Angels) and Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers), one can read its will.

However, unlike the players who are transferred to the U.S. national team, if they refuse to transfer major players from the Dominican Republic and it actually affects the Dominican Republic’s power, the criticism of the clubs is also inevitable. Of course, clubs have a reason to dissuade them from transferring due to concerns about injuries or concerns about players who signed a large contract in reality from the standpoint of preparing for the season. 안전공원

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic is in Group D of the WBC finals. The team will play in the first round of the full league in Miami, Florida, in a group with Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel, and Nicaragua.

18 Dominican players failed to transfer to WBC…Guerrero JR

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