2023’s first boy group, 8TURN, starts pre-sale of their debut album today (17th)


8TURN (eight-turn) presents an album with a variety of charms.

On the 16th, the agency MNH Entertainment said, “Pre-orders for 8TURN’s debut album ‘8TURRISE’ will begin at 3 p.m. today (16th).”

According to the image released along with the pre-sale news, a total of three versions of 8TURN’s debut album will be released, including two versions of “TURN” and “RISE” and a limited edition.

The versions of “TURN” and “RISE” include CDs, 84-page booklets, 64-page selfie books, photo cards, stickers, mini posters, film photos, ID photos, and Lyric Paper. In particular, only pre-ordering has additional posters and limited polaroids, adding to fans’ interest.

In addition, the limited edition album will feature a variety of 8TURNs, including square cards, jacket photos, selfie photo cards, and ID photos, in Velcro wallets, stimulating global fans’ desire to keep them.

“8TURNRISE” is an album that boldly depicts 8TURN’s first move to wake up the world imbued with familiarity and conveys the message, “The value that represents me is myself.” 8TURN is targeting Generation Z’s taste with its unique styling and young and chic charm by sequentially releasing concept photos and spoiler clips.

8TURN is expected to add fresh wind to the music industry by displaying infinite potential with its de-credited capabilities, high-quality performance, and differentiated musicality. Expectations are focused on 8TURN’s move to open a strong fire as the first boy group in 2023.

8TURN’s debut album sound source, which foresees infinite possibilities, will be released on the online music site before 6 p.m. on the 29th, and physical records will be sold on the record site before February 6.

2023’s first boy group, 8TURN, starts pre-sale of their debut..

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