40 40-year-old Charles-Diana wedding cake for 1850£

wedding cake
A 40-year-old wedding cake between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was sold for 1850£.

According to the BBC on the 12th, the cake is one of the 23 commemorative cakes, which were distributed to employees who worked in the royal family after the celebration.

Moira Smith, who worked at the royal mansion at the time, reportedly brought a piece, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and kept it in a container by her wife. The cake is engraved with royal patterns, and the lid of the container stored by your wife will be carefully handled with the signature of your wife and the date of “July 27, 1981. Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake’ is on it.

They sold cakes to a collector in 2008, and this time they appeared at an online auction house again. The auctioneer said he was interested in cakes in Britain, the United States and the Middle East.

The initial bid was 300£, but the price was confirmed to have risen to 1850£ with the bid.

Gary Leighton, the final winner, said he would put his fortune and will in the cake after his death.

40 40-year-old Charles-Diana wedding cake for 1850£

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