A 15-year-old boy who tweeted criticism of Musk…

criticism of Musk

A 15-year-old boy businessman was sanctioned on Twitter for posting a tweet criticizing Elon Musk. The boy protested by re-sharing the deleted tweet.

According to a report by Britain’s Daily Star on the 29th (local time), Eric Joo (15), co-founder of promising startup Aviato, shared a picture on social media (SNS). The photo showed that the tweet posted by Eric himself, “Musk would not have asked us for $8 (about 10,000 won) if he hadn’t bought avocado toast alone,” was deleted in violation of Twitter’s “hate behavior” rule. Eric added, “Are you kidding me?”

Hours after Eric’s tweet was deleted, Musk said the reason for taking over Twitter was to defend “freedom of expression and speech.” Musk tweeted at the time, “Twitter acquisition is a struggle for the future of civilization. If freedom of speech disappears even in the United States, there will be nothing but tyranny and oppression.”

The “avocado” mentioned by Eric is a fruit that symbolizes the “millennial generation born from 1980 to early 2000” in North America. This perception of avocado stems from an interview with real estate millionaire Tim Gunner, 40, in Time magazine. At the time, Gunner said, “I worked all day long when I tried to buy my first house. “I didn’t even have time to drink an avocado toast for 19 dollars and a coffee for 4 dollars,” he said. Since then, the “avocado toast” mentioned by Gunner has been interpreted as a symbol of “useless luxury” and has become an expression used to sell millennials as “waste generations.”

Born in 1971, Musk is not a millennial, but he once responded to a tweet from a media company called “Morning Brew” that “Musk was able to become rich because he stayed away from avocado toast and bought convenience store coffee,” saying, “I like avocado toast and coffee made by professional barista.”

Eric’s mention of avocado toast is interpreted as targeting both the above anecdote and Musk’s new Twitter subscription policy. Even if Musk didn’t do anything but “luxury,” he didn’t have to push ahead with the introduction of “Twitter Blue” of the $8 (about 10,000 won) monthly fee he is pushing for.

Musk has not responded directly to Eric’s comments. criticism of Musk

A 15-year-old boy who tweeted criticism of Musk…

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