A baking golden hand-made Christmas cake that can be set up in Shin Se-kyung’s shop


Actress Shin Se-kyung made three types of Christmas cakes with her “golden hands.”

Shin Se-kyung posted a video titled “Making Three Christmas Cakes” on her YouTube channel on the 25th, which was Christmas.

Shin Se-kyung said, “I’m going to make a Christmas cake again this year. He said, “I’m thinking hard about what kind of cake I’m going to make,” adding, “I’ll do my best to make the best results as much as I can because I’m never good enough to make the cake I want.”

Shin Se-kyung’s first cake was Victoria Cake. I made a fancy cake with berry jam and various berries on top. Next, Shin Se-kyung tried strawberry chocolate cake. Shin Se-kyung said, “You know that whipped cream is really hard to get these days. I went around looking for whipped cream. “But there isn’t. I turned on the application as soon as I woke up in the morning and searched for whipped cream, and there were two,” he said with pride. The chocolate strawberry cake with a lot of cream on it was also a huge success.

The last cake is a lettering cake. Shin Se-kyung made the cake, saying, “I really wanted to make it once.” Shin Se-kyung, who made a mysterious gradation color cake, wrote “Love you” in English on top of it, but tried to letter again, saying she didn’t like it. The next lettering is ‘Merry Christmas,’ but Shin Se-kyung said, “Bubbles burst at Merry. I want to do it again, he said. “I can’t understand what you mean. How can this be Merry Christmas? “I’ll do better next time,” he said. But the result was perfect.

Shin Se-kyung said, “I told you in advance that the last video was the last video of this year, but I’m happy and happy to upload the Christmas video and wrap up the year,” adding, “I wish you a happy new year, full of good things, and always be healthy.” I will also try to become a person who can repay you more in the new year of 2023, he said

A baking golden hand-made Christmas cake

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