A baseball genius who couldn’t even catch the Otani MVP nominee.

“Monster” Vladimir Guerrero Jr. also failed to stop “baseball genius.” Although he has met his rival, there is no pause in Shohei Otani’s performance.

Otani and Guerrero Jr. are competing for the American League MVP position this season.

Guerrero Jr. boasts overwhelming offensive capabilities and is competing as one of the best batters in the American League.

Otani is running toward the MVP with his home run productivity that surpasses Guerrero Jr. and outstanding performance as a starting pitcher.

An exciting showdown between the two players took place on the 12th.

Toronto played away at Anaheim Angel Stadium in California, home to the Los Angeles Angels.

Otani was the starting pitcher and first batter, and Guerrero Jr. was the third batter to face off.

In Otani’s two-hit showdown, Guerrero Jr. played with a single hit.

But the Angels won, and Otani, who won, laughed at the end, laughed.

Otani took the mound as a starting pitcher and pitched three hits, three walks, six strikeouts and two runs in six innings.

The Angels won seven games this season with a 6-3 victory, and the ERA remained at 2.93.

In the at-bats, he hit a leadoff double in the bottom of the first inning to make his 25th double of the season, and in the second inning, he even got a walk to support his team’s four-run offensive.

In the game, Otani struck out a false swing against Guerrero Jr.

“Hallos Heaven,” which introduces the Angels news in the U.S. media “SB Nation,” tweeted a video of the strikeout and applauded the

“baseball genius” who beat “the monster” saying, “Otani threw a perfect slider into the outer corner to win the match against Guerrero.”

Otani, who allowed two runs in six innings and had a walk on a double, recorded a batting average of 2.93, batting average of 0.268, OPS 1.017 38 home runs and 84 RBIs.

Guerrero Jr., who had one hit, one walk, and two strikeouts in three at-bats, has a batting average of 0.311 and an OPS of 1.023.

With the season leading to the end, Otani’s performance has not cooled down.

Attention is focusing on whether Otani, who is considered to be a better pitcher than legendary player Babe Ruth, will be able to continue his hot performance until the end of the season.

A baseball genius who couldn’t even catch the Otani MVP

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