Actor Ahn Chang-hwan, ‘Yoo Se-pung 2’ → ‘negotiation’…Hard Carry’s acting career.

Actor Ahn Chang-hwan has been continuing his hard carry acting career since the new year.

Actor Ahn Chang-hwan proved his unrivaled presence as a scene stealer by penetrating the cathode screen and screen by showing various charms throughout his hard work from tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Chosun Psychiatrist Yoo Se-pung 2” (hereinafter “Yoo Se-pung 2”) to the recently released movie “Negotiation.”

Yoo Se-pung 2 is loved by the small screen by showing the essence of “healing historical drama” through the prescriptions of councillors who give warm prescriptions to the sick and a pleasant punch to the bad.

Actor Ahn Chang-hwan

Ahn Chang-hwan’s performance, who performed enthusiastically in season 1 with a “top servant” who boasts extraordinary loyalty to Se-pung (Kim Min-jae), became richer as he came to season 2.

Beyond “Sepung lover,” he is responsible for the pleasant fun by showing off his upgraded character and charm as well as the perfect chemistry he creates with Sepung and the people of Kyesu Clinic who have already become a family.

In particular, he recently presented a hidden twist called the legendary Palpan-dong Ajoukari, which dominated the floor of Hanyang with his fists in the past, and received enthusiastic reviews for his hidden visuals, charisma commanding Hanyang’s back alley, and cheerful actions.

Ahn Chang-hwan, who delivered laughter to the small screen with his experienced and deft licorice acting, is showing another charm on the screen. “Negotiation” is a work that has maintained the top of the box office for seven consecutive days since its release, closely capturing the actors’ outstanding acting skills, high completeness of delicate production, and the tense negotiation process.

In this movie, he and Jeong Jae-ho (Hwang Jung-min), a diplomat specializing in negotiations, disintegrated into the role of Shim Bo-bo, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who handles various information needed for negotiations, and tries to save the captives in the unpredictable hostage crisis, helping to improve the drama’s completeness and immersion.

Ahn Chang-hwan, who has been active across dramas and screens with his acting skills. Attention is focusing on what kind of performance he will draw the public’s attention in the future, as he completely paints any role in his own color and melts into the work.

Actor Ahn Chang-hwan, ‘Yoo Se-pung 2’ → ‘negotiation’…

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