Actor Cha Joo-young “The Glory” Hye-jung = Glamour with chest surgery… Are you watching the behind-the-scenes?

Actor Cha Joo-young told the behind-the-scenes story of Netflix’s original series “The Glory.”

On the 19th, actor Cha Joo-young introduced herself in an interview with YouTube channel Allure Korea, saying, “She is the fourth in the hierarchy among the five perpetrators of ‘The Glory,’ and “The daughter of a laundry shop in the play, actually born in 1987. “I turned 37 this year,” he said.

Actor Cha Joo-young

In order to play ‘Stewardess Hye-jung’ in the play, “I paid attention to everything and was involved.” There were many things to be confirmed by the director, including makeup and costumes. When I worked, I wanted to show a neat look because I was a stewardess, and other Hye-jung wanted to look like a feather-light person. “I want to look sophisticated, but when I express Hye-jung, who looks insufficient, I thought I shouldn’t feel plain,” he said.

As for the white dress, which became a hot topic, he said, “It was not originally a costume prepared by my stylist. We prepared a set of luxury brand C’s tweed jackets. It was a costume with a slightly shorter length, less clingy and cute image. But the director told me to wear a white dress. At first, I refused. I thought it would look ugly on screen. “But I filmed it busily, and I didn’t know it would become such a hot topic,” he said with a smile.

Actress Cha Joo-young said, “Hye-jung is an accurate character who has undergone chest surgery,” adding, “I filmed it with some flesh on it, and I tried to maintain it without taking care of it separately.” Now I’m going back to my original weight. These days, I’m doing exercises that can give me mental and physical stability, such as fitness, swimming, yoga, and kendo,” he said.

The most memorable scene was answered, “There is a scene where Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) meets and kneels down and begs.” He said, “It was long, and there were various emotions, and tears had to come out at the right time, and it was hot, and it would be hard if it didn’t come out at once, but fortunately, it was okay at once. I filmed it next to a fire pit in the summer,” he said.

Actor Cha Joo-young said, “Hye-jung, wear it within your means and lift it up to the limit. Everything you do comes back. I hope you live a good life from now on. He threw a straightforward pitch to Choi Hye-jung’s character, saying, “It’s a complete change.”

Actor Cha Joo-young “The Glory” Hye-jung = Glamour with chest..

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