Actor Cho Dong-hyuk will appear on “Full-Filer 2″…Announcement of special guest activities.

Actor Cho Dong-hyuk will appear in “Full Filer 2.”

Actor Cho Dong-hyuk

Cho Dong-hyuk will appear as a special guest in the fourth episode of AXN and Discovery Channel Korea’s “Fuller 2,” which will air on the 2nd.

Cho Dong-hyuk, who expressed his determination to make K.O. the crime at once, quickly answered the first question, breaking the shortest record of “Solle-Filer 2,” and boasting his reasoning ability that made Professor Kwon Il-yong goosebumps.

Cho Dong-hyuk has built up solid filmography regardless of genre and role, crossing screens and cinemas such as “Blood is thicker than water,” “The Last Vacation,” “Bad Guys: The Movie,” and dramas “Rugal,” “Lovers at 3 p.m. on weekdays,” “Yeongae’s Season 15,” and “Bad Guys.”

In addition, recently, when he appears on KBS2’s “The Living Men 2,” he is loved by viewers with a new look that has never been shown before.

Meanwhile, “Fuller 2,” which is expected more with Cho Dong-hyuk’s appearance, will be broadcast on AXN and Discovery Channel Korea at 7 p.m. today (2nd).

Actor Cho Dong-hyuk has shown steady activities since 2004. I couldn’t show you a strong image in the beginning, but…

He’s been showing impressive performances during his activities. The era of drama emotion.Bad guys. The dignity of the empress.Rugal, etc.

I’ve shown my acting skills in many works. Also, I received a lot of love from the fans in the movie.

Also, take good care of your health. It is loved by many female fans.

Actor Cho Dong-hyuk will appear on “Full-Filer 2″…Announcement

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