Actor Kang So-ra, will he be able to become the man who returned to the romance of a divorced couple?

Actor Kang So-ra has returned to a romance drama after six years. As a divorced couple with actor Jang Seung-jo, it is “Can I be a stranger” to show various emotions.

The production presentation of Genie TV’s new original drama “Can I Be a Stranger” (with Dr. Kim Yang-hee, director) was held at the Stanford Hotel Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 18th. Director Kim Yang-hee and actor Kang So-ra, Jang Seung-jo, Cho Eun-ji and Lee Jae-won attended the event.

Can I Be Another Person is a work about the love and life growth of divorce lawyers who are easy to divorce and difficult to break up. It makes me wonder if the two men and women who once loved passionately will fall in love again when they reunite at work, or if they will be able to shake off all remaining emotions and become complete strangers.

Regarding the work, director Kim Yang-hee said, “The romance between the two divorced after getting married once is the difference between our work,” adding, “I wanted to draw the stories of people who think they are mature adults, but are not good in front of love.” We’re all living under the name of adults, but we’re actually immature. However, he explained, “I wanted to convey the message that it is okay to be immature.”

Kang So-ra

Kang So-ra plays Oh Ha-ra, a star lawyer called the goddess of litigation and an ace at a law firm. He introduced, “He is a character with both beauty and intelligence, who is professional in broadcasting and work, but is a little immature in front of love.”

Through this work, Kang So-ra returned to the drama for the first time in six years after “Love of Transformation.” In particular, as it was the first work activity since marriage in 2020, a lot of attention was focused. He said, “I’m more nervous than when I debuted. Since it’s been a long time since I came back, I honestly had a lot of fears about whether I could do as I did before. However, I was able to do well with the help of the director and staff,” he confessed.

Kang So-ra, who has just been married for four years, plays a divorce lawyer. In response, he said, “Rather, I was immersed in acting while empathizing.” I think I’ve come to think more deeply about love. Isn’t the separation of a married couple different from the separation of a couple when they are lovers? It was an opportunity to think vaguely. As a result, I was able to empathize better,” he said.

Jang Seung-jo plays Koo Eun-beom, Oh Ha-ra’s ex-husband and a lawyer with an irresistible smile and eyes. Jang Seung-jo, who introduced the character as a “shameless and sly character,” said, “There is a reason why he comes out as a bad guy. “If you watch the broadcast, you will understand,” he hinted, provoking curiosity.

In particular, Jang Seung-so showed excitement throughout the production presentation, emphasizing the fun of the work. He said, “It’s a romance, but the subject itself was so interesting in that it’s not a work that features young men and women, but a story about whether a divorced divorce lawyer can meet again.” I was also looking forward to meeting Kang So-ra after a long time. I personally had fun filming it,” he said.

Cho Eun-ji will play the role of Kang Bi-chi, a Korean-American lawyer, and Lee Jae-won will play the role of Kwon Si-wook, who is born and raised as the top five readers of the head family in rural villages, to show the “chemistry” of K-office workers who exchange love and affection.

The actors and director Kim Yang-hee introduced the key keyword of “Can I be a stranger” as a hashtag. Amid a variety of new words such as “Dolxing men and women,” “Sweet and salty,” “It’s funny,” and “A lot of interest,” director Kim Yang-hee focused on “wow.”

Another key keyword is empathy. Kang So-ra introduced the work as a drama that will become a teacher, saying, “The work contains the content that divorce is not easy.” “It may touch the viewers,” he said confidently.

“Can I Be Another Person” will premiere at 9 p.m. on the 18th.

Actor Kang So-ra, will he be able to become the man who…

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