Actor Kim Jae-won. Turns out he’s the vice president of a webtoon company?…and her drawing skills are also ‘Bungeoppang’ (Yeonjung) [The Eve of the Day]

The son of “Yeonjung Plus” actor Kim Jae-won showed off his amazing drawing skills.

Actor Kim Jae-won

On KBS 2TV’s “Yeonjung Plus” (hereinafter referred to as “Yeonjung”), which aired on the 2nd, “SNS News” was held to introduce the parenting of star CEO fathers.

Actor Kim Jae-won drew attention by saying that he has been at the forefront of the Korean Wave content boom since eight years ago, serving as vice president of the Wentun company.

Kim Jae-won, who has loved reading comic books since childhood. Lee Joon, a son who looks like a fish-shaped bun, also showed excellent talent in painting.

Lee Jun’s painting, which was released on an entertainment program earlier, was even admired by Lee Kyung-kyu and Park Myung-soo, the masters of the two languages.

Actor Kim Jae-won said in an interview, “I want to be a father who guides my child to find talent and feel value on his own.” The kid finds his own “myself.”

Then, the love of comedian Hong Hyun-hee’s husband and interior designer Jason’s son was introduced.

Jason showed his best fatherhood by designing a house to live with his child and assembling childcare products himself.

Jason, who said that even the seafood processed food business, which started after marriage, is gaining huge popularity, is devoted to parenting all the time except for the minimum amount of time needed for the business.

Jason also drew attention by saying that he gets parenting information through Mom Cafe.

Kim Jae-won has shown many other activities since a long time ago. Here’s what it is to take a look.

In 2002, when the 2002 FIFA World Cup was hot, he beat the heat and created the word “murder smile” through the MBC drama Romance [2]. The image of a beautiful boy with white skin and a bright smile created a great sensation at the time. He became a top star at a young age, creating a syndrome with romance. In the same year, he received a viewer rating of around 30% in the drama “Rival” and won four awards at the acting awards that year. Jang Na-ra and my love also worked together in Patzzi.

In 2003, the country of alcohol was highly anticipated, but the story was not solid and the author’s replacement confusion eventually led to a failure.

He appeared in “My Love in Beijing” in 2004, but ended up with the national anthem ratings. Although the ratings in Korea were not good, the drama was a hit in China, but it won the first Korean drama to win the Best Popularity Award in China. I tried my first movie with the movie “My Love Silly” and got a good result. Sister-in-law appeared in 19 and achieved a successful conclusion, recording 24.4% of the final episode despite competition with Full House.

He returned to Wonderful Life in 2005, but ended after staying in the 10% range, but he gained great popularity especially in Taiwan and stood out as a first-generation Hallyu star.

Kim Jae-won has not performed well in domestic works since Romance and Rival. While doing Korean Wave activities in China and Japan, the filmography of domestic activities was also hit hard.

Hwang Jin-i, who was put in the middle of the military service, became a hit, and Ha Ji-won, who filmed a movie together and reunited for the second time, won the grand prize for the drama. He received a good response for his first historical drama performance, but he joined the army after filming the premiere of a Chinese drama again immediately after, and has been inactive for about four years in Korea.

After being discharged from the military, he returned to the theater in 2011 because he heard my heart, and returned splendidly with two awards for acting and popularity that year. The follow-up movie, I also tried to continue my popularity with flowers, but I eventually got off because I was seriously injured because I held the motorcycle without letting go of the motorcycle to prevent others from getting hurt due to the breakdown of the prop motorcycle. Since then, he has been honored to win the best award for three consecutive years by performing well as ratings in May Queen and Scandal.

He said, “I’ll work hard regardless of the ratings,” and “Competitive works are also fun. I once said, “I hope all the competing works will go well together.”

He has an image of a youth star and an MC who plays in entertainment shows, but he is an actor who shows outstanding acting skills based on his quite long experience.

Starting with SBS’s “Inkigayo” MC at the beginning of his debut, he took over the main MC position of Get It Beauty Homme in 2012 and later became an MC for MBC’s acting award in 2012, receiving favorable reviews for his stable hosting and witty talk. This may be possible because he has been the MC of the consolation train during his military service as a promotional support unit of the National Defense Information Service and has been the host of the chaotic performance dozens of times…

From 2014 to 2017, he was in charge of hosting and narrating the current affairs culture program Real Story Eye. From 2017 to early 2018, he was the MC of the magic show Magic Control.

He has experience as the youngest son of an all-rounder who is good at cooking and is good at everything in entertainment shows. He said he had a number of part-time jobs at Japanese restaurants and restaurants when he was a student, and he has been running a fusion restaurant for more than 10 years even after his debut. It is showing its cooking skills through a convenience restaurant between 2021 and 2022.

Actor Kim Jaew-on. Turns out he’s the vice president of a webtoon

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