Actor Kim Jung-hyun in “The Season of the Puppet” has extreme charms…The one and only god of death character is complete!

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of the Puppet” (script Kang Yi-heon, Heo Jun-woo/director Baek Soo-chan, Kim Ji-hoon/producer People Story Company, Story TV), Kim Jung-hyun plays the role of King Puppet of the arrogant Jeoseung-gil and Do Jin-woo, head of Pilseong Hospital, making the drama more colorful.

Actor Kim Jung-hyun

First of all, actor Kim Jung-hyun led the immersion by realistically expressing the process of turning Musa Oh-hyun, who was a human before becoming a puppet, into an underworld god. Oh Hyun (played by Kim Jung-hyun) refused not only death but also the order of the Creator, in a desire to protect his beloved Seol-hee (played by Lim Soo-hyang) despite his life. In particular, in the scene of declaring, “I’m going to meet Seol-hee somehow,” while standing in a wilderness where life cannot live, extreme love beyond affection was seen, making viewers heartbroken.

However, as a puppet, he became a completely different being. He has forgotten all his past memories and turned into an underworld god who only knows himself. When he came down to this world after 99 days, he opened his eyes bloody again, showing what the word “sa-ha-mu-in” means, such as being irascible to half-sin Ok-shin (Kim In-kwon) and Gak-shin (Cha Cheong-hwa), who support him, and ruining her plan by getting tired of the stupidity of Han Je-jeol (Lim Soo-hyang).

Of course, when standing in the realm of God and punishing humans, it drew attention with an unapproachable energy. Cho Bong-pil (Park Shin-woo), who committed a crime to women using drugs, was more angry at the cry for help, and his unwavering eyes, which gave him a terrible death, were enough to prove the dignity of the underworld.

On the other hand, the innocent charm stood out in the moment of bickering with the marginal clause, giving another fun. When the body first responded to the words of the Han Chi-jeol to kneel, he poured out the words of injustice as a quick shot, but he was embarrassed and flustered because he couldn’t control his arms and legs, adding to the pleasantness. As a result, I wonder what the secret of the mysterious ability of owning a marginal temple that even the king of the underworld cannot control.

Kang Yi-heon and Heo Jun-woo of ‘Season of the Puppets’ said, “Puppets are really two-sided characters. “I thought it would not be easy to express age and innocence, mercy and barbarity, dignity and comedy at the same time,” he said. “There are many actors who are good at comic acting, but actors with unknown sadness are very precious.” Considering the childishness of the puppet, the eccentricity of a thousand-year-old man (?) and the precarious charm of committing murder, I can only imagine actor Kim Jung-hyun in the role of the puppet,” he said.

When Do Jin-woo, who was taken away by the puppet, appeared, a more static expression was drawn, overwhelming the eyes. However, at the moment when he blamed himself for killing his mother with his own hands in front of the festival, the emotions he had endured burst out and the character’s innermost thoughts were revealed without adding or subtracting, raising tension.

As such, actor Kim Jung-hyun is making the “season of the puppet” interesting by delicately expressing the past and modernity of the God of the Underworld, and the hidden wounds of doctor Do Jin-woo. Expectations are high on what kind of emotional experience his acting variations will present in the next story.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung-hyun’s performance, which shows extreme charms in each character, can be seen in the third episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Season of the Puppet,” which will air at 9:50 p.m. on the 3rd (Friday).

Actor Kim Jung-hyun in “The Season of the Puppet” has extreme…

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