Actor Lee Ji-hoon broad spectrum proved by his first play, “The Poor.”

Actor Lee Ji-hoon is drawing attention from theater enthusiasts with his comic acting in “The Poor.”

Actor Lee Ji-hoon is meeting the public with the play “The Poor,” which opened in November last year. He challenged himself to a play for the first time through “The Poor.” He is drawing keen attention by playing the role of Deok-bae, a clumsy thief, and showing comic acting.

Actor Lee Ji-hoon

Lee Ji-hoon portrayed a clumsy Deok-bae in a humane way. The character’s poor stealing and stupidity became more prominent with excessive action and facial expression. Lee Ji-hoon vividly expressed Deokbae in his own color.

“The Poor” is directed by Jang Jin. Jang Jin’s unique humor code is melted as a steady seller who took the stage in Daehak-ro 10 years after its premiere in 1995. Lee Ji-hoon’s delicate acting is added to the attractive script and directing, drawing favorable reviews from the audience.

Lee Ji-hoon, who once again boasted a wide acting spectrum through the play, is set to be released after filming the thriller “Under Your Bed” and the romance film “How to Fall in Love with the Worst Neighbor” in collaboration with Kara Han Seung-yeon. Attention is focused on what Lee Ji-hoon will show through various works.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hoon’s first play, “The Poor,” will be available until February 19.

Actor Lee Ji-hoon broad spectrum proved by his first play..

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