Actor Lee Jung-eun, best 4 lines from “Missing 2” that are warm and sincere and lingering.

Actor Lee Jung-eun of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: There Were They 2” attracts attention with her touching lines that make the missing look back.

Actor Lee Jung-eun

“Missing: There Were They 2” (directed by Min Yeon-hong Lee Ye-rim / scripted by Banban-ri Jung So-young / planned studio dragon / production Mace Entertainment DuFrame / hereinafter referred to as “Missing 2”) is a story that digs up the truth about the deaths of the residents of Soul Village 3 Industrial Complex and makes them feel resentful and sublimated. With a warm tone story, the lines of Kang Seon-jang (played by Lee Jeong-eun), a village friend, who contains warm sincerity toward the residents of the 3rd industrial complex, are touching the hearts of viewers.I pointed out actor Lee Jung-eun’s lines.

In the second episode, “If someone leaves without saying hello, ‘Good for you’ sweeps my heart.” Go today and tomorrow. Hurry up and go.

Yang Eun-hee (Kwon Ah-reum), a 20-year-old resident of the 3rd industrial complex in the 2nd episode, resolved her resentment of unfair death and sublimated with a calm expression through the performances of the 3rd gunmen Kim Wook (Kosu), Jang Pan-seok (Heo Jun-ho), and Lee Jong-ah (An So-hee).

The three musketeers sent her a piece of paper containing her personal information and said goodbye, making her eyes red. At this time, above the embers flying like Yang Eun-hee’s soul, “If someone goes away without saying hello in that mate, it’s going to be heartless, but here, ‘Good for you, I’m glad’ sweeps my heart. Captain Kang’s narration, “Go today, go tomorrow, go quickly,” added to the echo.

In the third episode, “I don’t know where I am, but I know where I am.” “I hope you stay happy for a long time in a good place.”

Min Seung-jae (Park Sang-hoon), who saved his younger brother and was killed in the third inning, sublimated two days after entering the third industrial complex with perfect cooperation between Kim Wook, Jang Pan-seok and detective Shin Joon-ho (Ha Joon-joon). In response, his younger brother Min Ye-won (played by Lee Ga-yeon) sobbed viewers with the bracelet that his mother’s legacy and brother found in his hand.

In particular, Captain Kang said, “Our good and pretty Seung-jae. I’m worried about those who went well, but left behind.” I don’t know where I am, but I know where I am. Regardless, we will worry about us, so I hope Seung-jae will be happy for a long time in a good place,” he wrote, wishing for Min Seung-jae’s happiness.

Episode 7 “A child who came alone 8 years ago left with everyone’s applause today.”

Lee Ro-ha (Kim Ha-eon), a young soul who lost her footing while chasing an ambulance that forcibly transported her mother to a mental hospital in the seventh inning, dreamed of winning the first place in running because she wanted to go to her mother faster than the ambulance, and miraculously crossed the finish line on the day of the sports competition.

And at that moment, Iroha’s body was found and his soul sublimated in everyone’s cheers caught the eye. In particular, Kang’s narration, “The child who came alone eight years ago left with everyone’s applause today,” made viewers feel more emotional.

Episode 8 “If I lived, my babies who would have gone to high school and college would be happy and sad to see, and my heart breaks while laughing.”

In the eighth inning, Captain Kang shed tears as he recalled his real age when he saw the excited young souls during the sports competition.

Above all, “Our babies who would have gone to high school and college if they had lived, are happy to see them and sad to see them, and their hearts are broken even when they laugh.” There is no heaven where there are no children, but even if this place is hell, these children should not be here. Captain Kang’s narration, “You should never have come,” made the missing children look back.

The production team said, “Captain Kang is a village acquaintance in the Soul Village 3 Industrial Complex, expressing his affectionate sincerity toward the residents, leaving a deep lingering impression.” In response, please wait and see what other lines Kang will give a sad echo. “

Actor Lee Jung-eun, best 4 lines from “Missing 2” that are warm..

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