Actor Lee Ki-young’s death, Lee Sun-kyun voluntarily appeared, and revenge was overturned…The highest viewer rating of the drama “Law of the Year” is 11.1%. How far will it go? Will the ratings be renewed?

The meticulous revenge plate made by Lee Sun-kyun, Moon Chae-won, and Kang Yoo-seok was stranded by the eerie superpower of Park Hoon and Kim Hong-pa, leading to a tense development in which the revenge plate was completely overturned.

Lee Sun-kyun

The fifth episode of the SBS drama “Law of the Law,” which aired on the 20th, recorded 9.7% of viewership in the Seoul metropolitan area and 9.5% nationwide based on Nielsen Korea. In particular, the highest viewer rating was 11.1%, ranking first in all channels at the same time.

Eun-yong (Lee Sun-kyun), Park Joon-kyung (Moon Chae-won), and Jang Tae-chun (Kang Yoo-seok) held an emergency press conference for Baek In-soo (Kwon Tae-won), who exposed Hwang Ki-seok’s targeted investigation and election intervention, and succeeded in urgently arresting Chairman Myung In-joo (Kim Hong-pa) on charges of patent embezzlement and breach of trust. And Eun-yong took out a card of conscience to Oh Chang-hyun (Lee Ki-young) to nominate Baekui-won’s district, and at the same time approached the active power line of the prosecutor general level managed by Chairman Myung. Eun-yong suggested that they avoid financial investigations with offshore funds operated abroad instead of borrowed-name accounts used through Myung, and “promised free property growth,” which led to the dark desire of the possessors.

Eun-yong immediately visited Myung-bak, and he even threw a strong count punch to find illegally hidden assets and add them to the country’s money, securing the victory. As Eun-yong held Myung’s prosecution line properly, Myung was finally sentenced to arrest, and Hwang Ki-seok was also ordered to suspend his duties. The atmosphere of the prosecution office also changed overnight, with the two big names at the top of the law being pushed into a perfect corner.

President Myung and Hwang Ki-seok, angry at the unexpected anomalous play of “Our Side,” prepared another counterattack. Chairman Myung first summoned Mrs. Kim, who Eun-yong had recruited as a condition for the exclusive management of the Dongdaemun area, and Hwang Ki-seok had prosecutor Lee Young-jin (Park Jung-pyo) follow him, summoning Chairman Myung as a suspect and sneaking him out. Chairman Myung met Oh Chang-hyun on the way, put a suspicious letter envelope written by Hwang Ki-seok in Oh Chang-hyun’s pocket, and pushed him from the rooftop to death.

The next day, the news of former prosecutor Oh Chang-hyun’s investment made headlines, and in particular, a suicide note was found in Oh Chang-hyun’s pocket that he suffered constant threats from private equity manager “Eun” regarding the GMi Bank stock manipulation case, and Eun-yong suddenly became an emergency wanted man. Eun-yong eventually visited the prosecution office in person and presented Jang Tae-chun with a “decision ending” that shone with his expressive eyes, saying, “I handcuff myself with your hands.” Attention is focusing on the future moves of the three people to fight the monster.

Actor Lee Ki-young’s death, Lee Sun-kyun voluntarily appeared..

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