Actor Park So-dam said, “It wasn’t easy, but I realized the importance of people.” [Interview]

Actor Park So-dam returned with a bright smile. After battling thyroid papillary cancer, he succeeded in returning with the new film Ghost (Director Lee Hae-young) with the importance of life and people.

“Actually, I didn’t know I was sick when I was filming this movie. I thought it was just mentally difficult because I thought burnout had come. But Lee Ha-nui recognized me. Since the first meeting, he asked me, “I heard you have good energy. Are you not feeling well today?” My throat hurt so much afterwards, but I thought it was because I was always in the dust. He always checked my condition by giving me a bag of candy that was good for my throat. When I kept digging a tunnel because I wasn’t feeling well, my senior kept dragging me out. Thanks to you, I didn’t hit the bottom. I was reassured that you checked it out like a mom. It wasn’t easy to get sick, but I think that’s why I realized the importance of people.”

Actor Park So-dam

Actor Park So-dam recently told a variety of stories in a meeting with a sports trend, including his thoughts on playing the role of Yuriko in Ghost, his affection for Lee Ha-nui, and his realization of the importance of daily life.

“The most glamorous character in my filmography. I was so happy when you took off your clothes”.

In the play, “Yuriko” is a Korean, but an ambitious person who has risen to the closest of the Japanese power class. If you pull off primary-colored costumes to match the character, you will show ‘Sexy Park So-dam’ more than ever.

“I don’t usually wear such colorful clothes. I’ve never played a character that’s worth wearing, so it was awkward when I wore an outfit. But the color was good from the beginning. I was more satisfied because director Lee Hae-young thought about the details of Yuri-ko’s outfit and even one prop. For Yuriko, the costumes were actually like armor. I also felt joy whenever I took off my fancy makeup or clothes in the second half.”

He showed his face that he had not been able to wear before, so he was very satisfied.

“That kind of color suits me pretty well, too. So I sometimes buy them. Haha. It was nice to be able to do many things while acting “Yuriko.” “I was grateful to the director because he was a colorful character who not only wore colorful clothes but also had his makeup removed and his hair loosened after the second half.”

Seo Hyun-woo, who acted together, also had a relationship with Han Ye-jong as a senior and junior.

Seo Hyun-woo is in 2004 and I am in 2010. You were an acting genius and a god of acting. I also did a play called “Closer.” But in this work, I was a little sorry because I had to lie down and point my toes in front of my senior’s face. My senior also joked, “Hey, this feels weird.” After acting together, as expected, the senior fits the character perfectly. I gained weight to make the shirt collar stick out. So I have to react on my own.”

“A dream in your 30s?” “I want to be a senior like Lee Hanui”.

Lee Ha-nui gave him dreams and hopes not only as an opponent but also in various forms.

“At the filming site, I thought, ‘I want to be a senior like that, too. He generously gives me everything, and I asked him, “What should I give you?” and he replied, “Do it to your juniors, not me.” I thought he was a real angel. I still don’t know what my juniors will do when they have difficulties or concerns, but seeing Lee Ha-nui, I came to hope that “I want to be a senior who can call my juniors without hesitation when they have concerns.”

His story naturally moved on to a time when he fought against illness.

“It would have been nice if I wasn’t sick, but I think I didn’t know that I was resting for the first time until I was 32 because I was sick. Before, resting wasn’t resting. As I got sick, I thought about what kind of person I am and how I should live. I’m thankful for every single thing in my daily life. Not only Lee Ha-nui, but also Cho Yo-jung, who I met as “Parasite,” gave me that energy. I’m thankful that I was able to meet such good sisters in each drama, and I think I was able to come this far because of that. When I say that I’m happy just to be with these people, it’s stuck in my heart, so I’m going to have more fun in the future. It’s a difficult time, but I think it made me meet good people to live longer.”

Actor Park So-dam said, “It wasn’t easy, but I realized the

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