Actress Moon Ga-young showed an unlimited transformation.

Moon Ga-young
Actress Moon Ga young showed an unlimited transformation. He released a behind-the-scenes cut of the recent “Harpers Bazaar” pictorial and showed a different charm with the concept of “French Chic” instead of his unique loveliness.

In the photo released on the 11th, Moon Ga-young showed off her sophisticated aura with a natural pose and drowsy eyes, completing the pictorial with delicate expression, showing off her flawless visuals in the behind-the-scenes cuts.

Moon Ga young not only completed a stylish look with a luxurious jacket and shirt, but also perfectly digested a mix match look with a long dress and a hat, drawing attention with colorful styling.

Not only that, but it also adds an elegant atmosphere with a turtleneck and a coat to make you feel autumn in advance, but also a natural wave hairstyle and matte makeup.

The photo shoot, which expressed the autumn sentiment, took place in the hot summer weather. It is rumored that Moon Ga-young drew admiration from the field staff with her amazing concentration that perfectly fits the concept even when filming outdoors.

Meanwhile, Moon Ga-young is currently considering choosing her next film.

Actress Moon Ga-young showed an unlimited transformation.

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