Ahn Yujin from IZ*ONE, are you 19 years old? Elegant in off-shoulder.

Ahn Yujin
Ahn Yu-jin, a former member of the group IZ*ONE, boasted of her mature beauty.

On the 2nd, Ahn Yu-jin posted an update photo on her Instagram account.

Ahn Yu-jin wrote, “Hi in August,” along with the photo.

In the picture, Ahn Yu-jin is wearing an off-shoulder blouse and boasts a slender shoulder line.

Ahn Yu-jin is also showing her slender neckline by tying her hair.

Ahn Yu-jin also catches the eye with a more mature atmosphere.

Thanks to Ahn Yu-jin’s fine features, her innocent beauty attracts attention.

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE was disbanded after two and a half years after its contract expired on April 29.

Kwon Eun-bi, Sakura, Kang Hye-won, Choi Ye-na, Lee Chae-yeon, Kim Chae-won, Kim Min-ju, Nako,

Hitomi, Jo Yu-ri, Ahn Yu-jin, and Jang Won-young, will be on their own paths.

Ahn Yujin from IZ*ONE, are you 19 yo? Elegant in off-shoulder.

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