Akiho Yoshizawa 吉沢明歩

Akiho Yoshizawa
Date of birth: 1984-03-03 (38 years old)
Height: 161 cm
Body Size: B86 / W58 / H86
Cup size: E cup
Debut : March 03

An arrogant queen who has been an exclusive actress for 16 years without a single hardcore. Nickname Atki (あっきー ).

From Tokyo. Born to a wealthy family.

Gravia debuted in 2002. She debuted in 2003 in Alice Japan.

Aina. Since then, he has been an exclusive actor in S1 and Maxing.

I’ve never shot a hardcore like vaginal or black water. Retired in 2019.

The economic ripple effect of 16 years alone is about 100 billion yen.

He gained popularity in Ebis Mascats for his arrogant but outlandish personality and is also known as a chocolate lover.

The 19th Pink Award for Best Actress. The 2009 book “Polynesian Sex” became a bestseller.

A fan meeting in Korea in 2017. He’s a legendary actor.

Masahiro Tabuchi says. “I sweat a lot and then I really go away. Let’s go one after another. She’s an actress who always feels like she’s doing her best.”The last photo album released in 2019. YouTube in 2020 has 50,000 viewers.

Akiho Yoshizawa 吉沢明歩 Nickname Atki (あっきー ).

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