Today, I’m the owner of the chic butlers! Among them, let’s look at the cute munchkin cat with short legs.

munchkin cat

When you think of a munchkin cat, I think it’s short legs that waddle around. In general, dogs and cats have different charms, so depending on their personalities and their living conditions, there are probably people who choose dogs or cats.

Munchkin, whose short, dainty legs are the trademark, is said to have been found and reported in the 1940s permanently. At that time, the breed was reported as a mutation, not as reported. Since then, it has been reported that cats with short mutated legs were reported in the 1980s, and half of the cats had short legs and were the origin of modern munchkin. Also, the name Munchkin comes from the name of the city where the dwarfs appear in the Wizard of Oz live. Even the name is cute and cute.

Munchkin belongs to a small-sized cat and is known as a small-sized child. The body is long and the legs are characterized by a short body structure, and when fully grown, they will weigh between 2.2 and 4 kilograms. Munchkin does not have a specific search or pattern except for short legs, and there are slightly different aspects such as the appearance of the face or the size of the head. On average, the appearance has high cheekbones and a hard hip on a round chest.

It is characterized by a shape with short legs and a round tail. Females are generally smaller and lighter than males, and are surprisingly attractive for their great jumping skills compared to their cute short legs. It’s agile and fast. Munchkin’s short legs are called natural mutations, and unlike dogs with short legs, cats do not have problems with their spine, unlike when they are standing upright, running, or having problems with their spine.
Cats tend to be independent rather than dogs, so I think it can be seen as the biggest characteristic when distinguishing personality from dogs. However, cats also have characteristics that each cat has.
One of the typical types of cat’s cute actions is singing in a groovy way. It can be seen as an action that shows affection and love for the butler, such as kook kook kook, kubi kubi, tail up and up. Also, please note that some cats do not behave like this depending on their personality.

Munchkin is known as a gentle cat. If you welcome a cat as a family for the first time, or if you already have a cat, if you have a child, or if you live alone, you want to love it with quick adaptation and affinity even in many situations.

I think one of the reasons why cats are popular is that they have good sense and smart. Unlike ordinary cats, I don’t like to be alone, so I think I can introduce it as a munchkin that is more suitable for guardians who want a cat’s personality like a dog or a cat.
Cats are territorial animals, so you have to make sure that you have a space for exercise in your house where you don’t go out or take a walk. Unlike dogs who spend a lot of energy on outdoor activities and walks, it is important to relieve stress with space for exercise and various toys because they have to spend energy in a limited space called home.

He has short legs and a small physique, but he likes to be chased and run, and he likes to play, so you can see active movements. Please note that Ira Cat Tower, which is still active and lively after becoming a shrine, is also a must. Of course, I jump well soon, but I think it would be better to lower the cat tower a little bit than the existing height because of the short legs.

Everyone who wants to be with us for a longer time always has to check the health of their pets. Even though they can’t talk, if you check and love their pets more, they will be able to stay healthy for a longer time.

Munchkin cats are said to have a lower risk of spinal problems compared to dogs with short legs. Chromosomal mutations caused by natural causes cause the legs to be short, but this is not a particular disability, which means there is no problem with physical function. Still, you should be careful of diseases such as discs because short legs put pressure on your back.
It was a time to learn many things from the history of munchkin cats that I thought were cute to the characteristics of their personality! I would be happier if I could study and learn more about pets more carefully and welcome my pet family with a more careful choice for the rest of my life, rather than hastily welcoming my pet family.

Among them, let’s look at the cute munchkin cat with short legs.

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