Anne Hathaway, return as princess…”Princess Diary 3″ production confirmed

Anne Hathaway

Three films of “Princess Diary” will be produced.

Walt Disney announced on the 15th (local time) that the third story of “Princess Diary” will return.

It has yet to be confirmed whether actor Anne Hathaway, who played the main character Mia Termapolis in the first and second films, will appear again.

However, she is interested in working with Julie Andrews as Queen Clarice Renaldi.

“Princess Diary 2” (directed by Gary Marshall) is a family melodramatic movie about Mia, a dreamy new princess, having to have a close and sweet tug-of-war between a man she wants to love and a man she wants to marry while taking a queen class.

“I want more than just to make it fun,” Anne Hathaway told Entertainment Tonight. “I think making a way for Julie Andrews to join is what makes us successful.”

Both the first and second films were directed by Gary Marshall. However, as he passed away in 2016, the three films will be directed by another director.

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway will meet the audience on the 23rd of this month with the movie “Armageddon Time” (director James Gray).

Anne Hathaway, return as princess…”Princess Diary 3″

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