Anri Okita

Anri Okita

Date of Birth: 1986-10-28
Height: 168 cm
Body size: B101 / W59 / H92
Cup Size: K Cup
Debut: February 2011

Glamorous body that’s full of volume! The 100 million yen body that’s body!

British. Nude gravure unveiled in December 2010. She made his AV debut in February 2011 as an exclusive member of S1.

Despite the heavy L Cup, she was not in a generous shape, but a beautiful glamour with a good balance.

With 100 million yen chest insurance, the catchphrase at the time of her debut was the “strongest 100 million yen body of mankind.”

In October 2012, she worked as Akane Mizuki for SOD, but later returned to her name as Anri Okita.

In 2014, she visited Korea with Luka and Rina and appeared in a variety show called “Wish Girl” on Playboy TV Korea.

In 2015, he worked for Ebisu Mascots for half a year.

Like the dragon, she also appeared in 6.

On April 13, 2016, she announced her retirement from AV, and on May 13, she retired completely with her retirement film MIMK-044.

She married in December 2017, and on April 30, 2018, she announced that she had given birth safely to the second year of her life.

Pornography in the U.S. seems to be unflappable.

Anri Okita Glamorous body that’s full of volume!

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