Aoi Shirosaki

Aoi Shirosaki

Date of birth: 1992-11-30
Height: 157 cm
Body size: B84 / W57 / H84
Cup size: D cup
Debut: Debut in November 2012

Japanese adult video actor, YouTuber.

Features a slim body and youthful appearance. Activity name changed several times.

She debuted as an AV actor in September 2012. She began her career as a Lolita AV actress under the stage name of Minami Kasii.

On March 27, 2014, she started Twitter under the name of Aoi Shirosaki.

On September 9, 2015, she quit her agency and announced that she would continue her activities at the new office.

On October 1, it was announced that it had changed its name to ‘Suzumiya Kotone’. She was a member of LANTANA (later Diaz Group).

From January 11, 2016, the Twitter account was changed to “@suzumiya_Kotone”.

Participated in ANGELIUM in August 2018. She is a member of the project’s sexy idol group ‘AIVY’.

I’m from Shiga Prefecture. She hobbies are karaoke, collecting cosmetics, and watching animation. She specialty is cooking, cleaning, and housework.

She first masturbation was when She was in the first grade of elementary school. She went to her friend’s house and watched AV for the first time.

It is said that she saw the actress masturbating and played with the giraffe doll in the room while touching the genitals.

After that, she found a double rotor in the house, started masturbation using a vocal tool, and masturbated using the vibration function of the PlayStation controller.

She first experience was when She was 17. She have a pet dog named Haru.

In December 2012, she debuted under the name “Kashii Minami”.

After that, she changed her name to “SAoi Shirosaki” and continued to work steadily, but in September 2015,

she changed her name to her current name, “Suzumiya Kotone,” while moving her agency,

and she also filmed an unmodified work at TOKYO-HOT under the stage name “Yamamoto Lena.”

She is close to her fellow actor, Maria Wakatsuki.

Together, the two opened and operated a YouTube channel in November 2018.

They usually upload ordinary daily videos of them chatting, eating, or going out to play, but if you look at the number of views and subscribers, it’s just that.

It’s a joint activity, but Suzumiya’s side works better.

The Twitter account name and YouTube channel promotional phrases are included. Wakatsuki only has a link.

She has continued her activities as a celebrity rather than AV, such as YouTube, LINE Live, and offline fan meetings, but in April 2019, she announced the news on Twitter.

It is said that she did not shoot AV for about a year and a half, and recently started filming again.

In May 2019, she appeared as a guest on a live broadcast of fellow actress Ayaka Tomoda and announced that she had signed an exclusive contract with MAX-A.

By the way, She’s a fan of Jang Geun-seok. The Twitter account used during the Aoi Shirosaki period was plastered with information related to Jang Geun-seok to the extent that it could be called a Jang Geun-seok fan account.

However, after the Twitter account exploded due to an error and renamed it Suzumiya Kotone and sold a new Twitter account, no tweets related to Jang Geun-seok have been posted.

It is characterized by the lack of hair there when it appears in the work.

It is presumed that she shaved because of her concept. 토토사이트

Recently, she revealed on her personal Instagram live that it was a quarter mixed with Korean blood.

Aoi Shirosaki 白咲碧 Japanese adult video actor, YouTuber.

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