Apink Oh Ha young runs a part-time job at a coffee shop.You’re going to be a big hit.

Apink Oh Ha-young

Group A-pink member Oh Ha-young shared her daily life.

On the 1st, Oh Ha-young posted a photo on her SNS along with a short message, “Mirror selfie while working.”

In the photo, Oh Ha-young is wearing a coffee shop employee’s outfit and hat and showing her reflection in the mirror.

In particular, she showed off his small face and doll-like appearance and pulled off his coffee shop staff uniform perfectly, drawing attention from my fans.

It appears to be a famous coffee franchise store based on the mirror in the picture.안전놀이터

Internet users say, “Wow, so pretty,” “Why is the part-timer so pretty?” “Where can I see this part-timer?”She left a back reaction.

Oh Ha-young debuted as a group Apink in 2011, and is currently actively communicating with fans through her personal YouTube channel and SNS.

Apink Oh Ha young runs a part-time job at a coffee shop.

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