Apple commercialized iPhone 14 ‘Satellite SOS Service’ in November…

iPhone 14

Apple will commercialize its smartphone satellite communication service in November. It is targeted at the United States and Canada. We have joined hands with global stars. It invested $450 million.

Apple announced on the 14th that it will launch a “satellite emergency rescue (SOS) service” for users of the “iPhone 14 series” in the U.S. and Canada within this month.

This service is characterized by the ability to send SOS signals through satellites even in environments where mobile communication and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi) cannot be accessed.

It utilizes the global star satellite network. Twenty-four low-orbit satellites were deployed. It uses L and S band frequencies allocated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for mobile satellite services. If the satellite catches the communication sent by the iPhone 14 user and transmits it to the ground station, the ground station sends a message to the emergency service agency or Apple’s relay center. Apple invested $450 million to build this service.

“Satellite SOS is an example of how U.S. technology can save lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer (COO), explaining that it is only one of the innovative safety functions provided by the iPhone 14 series.

Meanwhile, Apple did not announce the service schedule outside the U.S. and Canada. Satellite communication is a useful service in countries that do not have a tight mobile network. In the case of Korea, the need for satellite communication is relatively low compared to these countries because 3G and 4G national networks are established.

Apple commercialized iPhone 14 ‘Satellite SOS Service’ in November…

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