Apple Does Not Force Korean In-App Payment…Allow third-party payments


Apple has decided not to force in-app payments in Korea. We decided to allow third-party payments for all apps.

Apple announced on its website on the 30th that it will allow third-party payments for apps provided by the Korean App Store to comply with the revised Telecommunications Business Act (In-App Payment Compulsory Prohibition Act).

This is the first time Apple has allowed third-party payments to all apps in a country.

The move comes after Apple said it would announce policies related to third-party payments to the Korea Communications Commission by this month.

Apple announced that developers can use the StoreKit External Purchase Entitlement, which allows them to provide alternative in-app payment processing options (third-party payments) to apps in the App Store distributed only in Korea.

It was pointed out that using this privilege would not allow users to provide some App Store functions such as purchase requests and family sharing because payments made outside the App Store’s secure payment system could not be verified.

Apple said it cannot support users for other issues that arise when digital products and services are purchased through alternative payment methods, including refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and stressed that developers are responsible for supporting these issues.

However, some say that Apple has decided to allow third-party payments, but that the fee will not be a special benefit for developers in that it maintains the same 11-26% level as Google.

Apple Does Not Force Korean In-App Payment

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