Apple expands production of ‘iPhone 14’ in India…

Apple expands

– Foxconn Pegatron manufactures iPhone 14 in India

Apple has taken out a card to expand Indian production to continue the success of the “iPhone 14 Series.” Following Foxconn, Pegatron also decided to manufacture the iPhone 14 series in India. Attention is focusing on whether Indian production expansion can offset Chinese production disruptions.

According to Bloomberg on the 4th, Apple started assembling the iPhone 14 at its Pegatron plant in India.

Pegatron is a Taiwanese OEM company that manufactures Apple products with Foxconn.

Apple is increasing production outside of China to manage risks due to ▲ U.S.-China conflict ▲ China’s “Zero Corona” policy. In India, Foxconn began making the iPhone 14 series in September. With Pegatron joining, India’s iPhone 14 series production facilities have been expanded to two.

Meanwhile, attention is being paid to whether Apple’s expansion of Indian production will make up for the disruptions in Chinese production.

China blocked the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant on the 2nd. Access to the factory other than transportation of daily necessities is not allowed until the 9th. Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant is known to supply 80% of total iPhone production and 85% of the iPhone 14 Pro series. For this reason, there was a widespread view that Apple’s fourth-quarter smartphone sales would not meet expectations.

Apple expands production of ‘iPhone 14’ in India…

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