“Around Taegye” Gian 84X Lee Sieon x Bunny Bottle Arrival at Death Road “Dangerous”

Gian 84

What is the identity of the zip line that connects the cliffs facing Gian84 at the end of his destination, who went on a free trip alone in “Around the World Since He Was Born”?

The fifth episode of MBC’s “Around the World While Born” (directed by Kim Ji-woo, Park Dong-bin, hereinafter referred to as “Around the Taegye”) will air in La Paz, the Bolivian capital, the second destination of Gian 84, Lee Si-eon and Fanny Bottle.

“Around Taegye” features Gian84 who left for South America with a bag on his back, Lee Si-eon, a real brother who ran to the other side of the world for him, and travel YouTuber Fanny Bottle’s close-up travel.

Gian84 left alone to realize communication with locals, the dream of traveling to South America that he wanted to do, apart from Lee Si-eon and Fanny Bottle. Gian84 reached Death Road, which was narrowly built on a narrow road and steep cliffs, while constantly running. Death Road is a road facing a cliff without a stabilizer, and many people have lost their lives.

Gian84 got out of the car and enjoyed the dizzying scenery of Death Road, saying, “This is the ‘Death Road’ that Fanny talked about.” In addition, Gian84 found a tombstone on Death Road and prayed with all his heart, showing 100% adaptation in Bolivia.

Gian84 hurriedly moves and runs toward his destination. At the end of the destination where Gian84 arrived, he faced a zip line connecting the cliff to the cliff. Gian84 looked at the end of the zip line and seemed to be waiting for something.

Meanwhile, Lee Sieon and Bunny Bottle went on a city tour of La Paz. They have a real happy smile without Gian84, which makes us wonder about their trip.

“Around Taegye” Gian 84X Lee Sieon x Bunny Bottle Arrival…

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