Asuka Hoshino

Asuka Hoshino

Date of Birth: 1986-12-05
Height: 152 cm
Body Size: B80 / W56 / H80
Cup Size: A Cup
Debut: Debut in November 2010

Asuka Hoshino an AV actor and currently a broadcaster in Japan and China.

She won prizes in various idol competitions and was a former underground idol with a cute appearance and a fan base.

However, she was forced to appear on AV after being tricked by the company’s president and signing a contract.

She used her stage name as it was, and she actually blocked her idol activities by revealing the details of the award, and threatened to pay a huge penalty and got consent.

Since then, she has been temporarily disowned from her home.

Currently, the problem seems to have been solved by posting photos taken at home.

Perhaps because he earned enough money, the president did not stop him from retiring.

In 2016, as awareness of forced appearances in AV increased, the past of forced appearances was disclosed, and a lawsuit was being prepared.

It was rare for an AV actor to make his name known with pure images.

The appearance is very cute, and the sales volume seems to have been quite high because of the popularity of being a former idol competition winner.

Of course, however, Asuka Hoshino didn’t make much money, and only the agency made money by taking advantage of the loopholes in the contract.

It was done in a way that frightened little Hoshino, who didn’t know the world, but she got her consent, so i don’t know what’s going to happen.

As a side story, there were many stories that he would become a legend in the Lori world when ㄴhe was active.

She has a poor figure, and Mizuna Ray, who is two years younger than her, and looks like a minor.

However, her acting skills were very poor.

The moaning and awkward expressions during the actual exhibition… In fact, if you force yourself to appear on AV, which actor is good at acting?

In Japan and China, they continue their dream by doing activities such as Internet broadcasting. 비트코인파워볼

Even though she was born in 1986, she has a very young appearance and has a fan base, and many people seem to sympathize with her as the dark behind-the-scenes story becomes known.

Asuka Hoshino an AV actor and currently a broadcaster in Japan

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