Aya Sakurai

Aya Sakurai

Date of birth: 1989-02-24
Height: 158 cm
Body size: B90 / W58 / H82
Cup size: H cup
Debut: Debut in January, 2012

Japanese former AV actress.

Appeared as a new employee of the SOD Creative Advertising Promotion Department on the SOD Promotion Blog on June 22, 2011.

From July of the same year, she appeared as an MC in “It’s the Work of an SOD Female Employee” (Enter! 371).

In February 2012, she debuted AV rather than SOD with the title of the employee.

She resigned from SOD in April 2014 and became an exclusive actress for S1 from June of the same year.

The reason for the transfer was, “As I was going around the cell video store as a promotional worker, the promotion of S1’s work was polite and the actresses looked shining.”” hold up

The exclusive contract has been terminated since the end of 2016.

Around 2018, she was raped by a man he called his fan.

The perpetrator was arrested, but due to this incident, she had been absent for a while since 2018, and then briefly returned to two works in 2019.

However, in the two works that followed the rape incident, she was seen to have gained weight due to trauma caused by rape.

In the end, she announced her retirement as an AV actor on her Twitter account in December 2019, and her last work was released in May 2020 in the SOD, where she debuted, and retired. 토토추천

Aya Sakurai chest is H cup and my hobby is tennis, piano, and watching professional concert DVD.

Aya Sakurai 桜井彩 Japanese former AV actress.

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