Ayumu Kaito

Ayumu Kaito

Date of birth: 1987-02-07
Height: 160cm.
Body size: B85 / W59 / H84
Cup size: E cup.
Debut: Debut in July 2015.

A premium exclusive actor with a concept of being an announcer at a local broadcasting station.

The agency Marks Japan(マークスジャパン).

She debuted in July 2015 and left only six works as a premium exclusive actor.

She retired in December of the same year.안전공원

Ayumu Kaito left an interview in the July 27, 2015 issue of Weekly Public.

Since she made her debut as a former announcer at a local broadcasting station, she has been suspected of being the same person as Ehime Asahi Terevi’s announcer Kayo Matsumoto, but it is not true.

The AV starring Kayo Matsumoto was SOD Creat’s 2010 SDMT-290.

Here, Matsumoto appeared only for 10 minutes in the scene of sucking genital-shaped candy without actual sexual activity.

Ayumu Kaito 皆道あゆむ A premium exclusive actor

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