Bale, the exact opposite of Zidane. “A completely different person.”


Gareth Bale, 32, who returned to Real Madrid, is showing a different side under Carlo Ancelotti.

Bale came to Santiago Bernabeu in 2013 with a transfer fee of (101 million. The explosive performance during Tottenham Hotspur was the reason why Real invested an astronomical transfer fee into Bale. Bale repaid the expectations. Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo have established the “BBC Line” and shared the era of real success.

Attack power based on explosive speed was an advantage. Even when he suffered from injuries, he showed his skills when he returned. However, the contribution to the game gradually decreased. Since La Liga scored 16 goals in 26 games in the 2017-18 season, he has gone downhill. He was only in the single-digit scoring range in the league, and was often lying on the injured ward rather than on the ground.

He also lost trust in Real fans by mass-producing external gossip. He was criticized for focusing on golf rather than soccer and for being unfaithful in training. Zinedine Zidane, who veil separating power to the left. There were no clubs that wanted to sell but paid astronomical salaries. Bale chose to rent his own team Tottenham and sought to turn the tide.

Tottenham’s loan life was a success. He recovered his former offense by scoring 16 goals in 34 official matches. However, there seemed to be no place in Real. It’s already out of sight, and Real were planning a new team under Ancelotti.

Bale, however, is being chosen by Ancelotti against expectations. La Liga also started in the opening game, contributing to the team’s 4-1 victory. “Bale has become a different player,” Ancelotti has become a different player. His expression has changed,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his attitude.

“The change in command was a big help to Bale,” Spain’s Marca said. Bale seems to be happy even if he wears 18 after losing 11 times. His expression is completely different from that of Zidane when he was in the training field of training. “With coach Ancelotti, who knows and can handle him well, Bale is dreaming of a revival at Real.

Bale, the exact opposite of Zidane. “A completely different person.”

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