Balenciaga This is the price of a ragged sweater? How much is it…


Some new products released by French luxury brand Balenciaga for the fall season are causing controversy among Internet users at home and abroad.

According to foreign media reports, the product with the most negative opinions is the Destroyed Crewneck sweater. This product is made of 100 percent Virgin Wool (wool that has never been used or has not been processed) material in Italy.

The product is $1,450 at the official online shopping mall in the U.S., and the price of the online shopping mall in Korea is 1.84 million won.

The controversy began shortly after the product was released. This is because the ends of the clothes are ragged and there are large holes in the arms and torso. The design, which seems to have been torn apart by mistake, is a new concept that Valencia has put forward. In addition, sweaters and dress products that were released have similar weaving methods.

“I imagined the future of clothes that will be transformed over the years,” said Valencia designer Demna Vazalia, introducing the 2021 FW collection last year. “The shape that seems to be torn by hand means the aging process of the material while emphasizing the concept of wearing an item for a long time.”

Some Internet users have responded positively to the product since its launch, but many Internet users have expressed negative opinions. “The clothes are an indicator of the economic downturn,” one Internet user said at the news of the sweater’s launch, while another criticized, “Pay 501,150 to look like a beggar.”

Internet users of a local community also responded to the clothes, saying, “It looks like dust, my mom will throw it away if I leave it in my room after buying it,” and “What if I rip it so that I can’t wear it for a long time?”

Balenciaga This is the price of a ragged sweater? How much is it…

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