Big Bang scattered, is it the beginning or the end?

Following Taeyang, Daesung will leave YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG), and changes in Big Bang activities are expected.

Big Bang

Taeyang will build a new nest at the Black Label, founded by Teddy, a creative director and composer. Teddy has been in charge of composing and producing music for YG artists such as Big Bang and BLACKPINK, and has had a close relationship. Therefore, it makes us expect new synergy based on strong musical trust with the sun.

On top of that, member Daesung is also known to have terminated his contract with YG and is seeking a new start. G-Dragon has confirmed his unwavering faith with YG and is discussing a solo contract, and Top has already left YG in February.

As the members have dispersed for the first time in 16 years since their debut in 2006, much attention is being paid to the future direction of the group Big Bang. In response, YG said, “The fact that the two are members of Big Bang remains unchanged,” adding, “We are discussing the future direction of our activities, including an exclusive contract.” The agency has changed, but it seems to have emphasized that group activities will continue.

Big Bang, one of the second-generation representative groups, has released numerous hit songs such as “Lie,” “Last Greetings,” “Haru Haru,” “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang Bang.” They became YG Entertainment’s representative artists by capturing both musicality and popularity, and their influence was so strong that they swept awards from various music programs and awards ceremonies. Seungri, the youngest member, was embroiled in rumors such as leaving the team after being embroiled in controversy over the “Burning Sun Gate” in 2018, but Big Bang, who returned to the four-member group, still drew public attention.

In April, Big Bang confirmed its robustness with its new song “Spring Summer Autumn Winter,” which was released for the first time in four years. Even without any broadcasting activities, “Spring Summer Autumn Winter” swept major charts, topping the Melon “Top 100” chart, the largest music site in Korea.

Gone are the days when the termination of the contract was soon the dissolution of the group. This is true just by looking at the recent activities of idol groups. After a seven-year exclusive contract called “Ma Jinx,” group activities have often continued even if they do not remain at the current agency. In the end, it is not the same agency or not, but it means that it depends on the will of the members. The future of Big Bang’s activities also depends on the four members on their own paths.

Big Bang scattered, is it the beginning or the end?

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