Billy Tsuki, the goddess of direct camera…This time, you’re transforming into a zombie goddess? Joining “Zombie Bus”


Billiy Tsuki will appear on Netflix’s new entertainment show “Zombie Bus” and continue to be a global entertainment idol.

Billy’s agency Mystic Story said on the 10th, “Tsuki will appear on Netflix’s new entertainment program ‘Zombie Bus’.”

Zombieverse is a new concept of zombie universe entertainment that Netflix has never seen before, and it deals with the process of surviving by performing quests in Seoul, which suddenly turned into a zombie world one day. It will be directed by CP Park Jin-kyung of “My Little Television” and PD Moon Sang-don of “Welcome to Korea,” and the art team of “Our School Now” and zombie action choreographer of “Kingdom” will participate to complete the zombie worldview with all-time scale and amazing zombie visuals, giving viewers an overwhelming sense of immersion.

Tsuki is expected to captivate global viewers with his unique witty entertainment sense as well as all-around entertainment chemistry by carrying out different quests each time with Lee Si-young, Noh Hong-chul, Park Na-rae, DinDin, Yoo Hee-kwan, Jonathan X Patricia siblings, and Kwa Chu-hyung (Hong Sung-woo). Tsuki’s bold action, agility, and passionate reasoning power to carry out quests are also expected to revitalize the “Zombie Bus” in a crisis situation where he can become a zombie at the moment of carelessness.

Billy’s main dancer Tsuki is carrying out various activities based on his solid stage skills and sense of entertainment. Last year, he emerged as an “emerging fancam goddess” with 11.64 million views with the close-up camera of “Ginga Minga Yo (the Strange World)” and established himself as a lovely charm and irreplaceable entertainment show on various content and entertainment programs such as SBS web entertainment show “Civilization Express”, JTBC “Knowing Brother”, MBC “Radio Star”, and MBC M “Weekly Idol”. As a result, attention is also being paid to Tsuki’s performance, which will continue in “Zombie Bus.”

Meanwhile, Billy, to which Tsuki belongs, recently won the Potential Award at the “2022 AAA” and the “Girl Idol” category at the 2023 Korea First Brand Awards, and has been selected as the “Best K-Pop Song of 2022” in recognition of Billy’s unique musicality and storytelling in leading overseas media such as TIME, Billboard, and NME.

Billy Tsuki, the goddess of direct camera…This time, you’re….

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