BLACKPINK Lisa is “LALISA” special performance video will be released…Confidence is the best.


Lisa, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, performed a strong performance through a special stage video of her solo title song “LALISA.”

Lisa released a special stage video of “LALISA” on YG’s official blog and YouTube on the 13th. It is very unusual and a special move for YG to release its own stage video before appearing on terrestrial broadcasting.

The video showed Lisa and YG’s confidence. As it was only a stage for Lisa, Lisa, and Lisa, it was possible to produce high-quality production differentiated from general music broadcasts.

All elements such as a stylish large stage set that can only appear in actual music videos, lighting suitable for it, camera movement, and sensuous screen change were perfect, captivating the eyes and ears of viewers. The performance once again confirmed the philosophy of YG, which preserves its value and comprehensive art that harmonizes not only the artist’s music and performance, but also various digital device technologies.

YG said, “From styling to set design, lighting, and camera moving, we have discussed and prepared everything with Lisa. We are always supporting and investing so that artists can decorate the best stage.”토토추천

The “LALISA” music video surpassed 100 million views within two days of its release on YouTube, breaking the record for the shortest K-pop solo artist. As YouTube views are one of the popular indicators reflected in the Billboard chart, it makes people look forward to his future moves.

The song “LALISA” has already hit the global chart. On the first day of its release, the song topped the iTunes song chart in a total of 60 countries and expanded its cumulative No. 1 region to 66 countries. The album also recorded 800,000 pre-orders during the previous pre-sale period, signaling the best performance in the history of female K-pop solo artists.

BLACKPINK Lisa is “LALISA” special performance video will be released

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