BLACKPINK’s Jenny meets Dua Lipa in “Walkle”…You’re bringing back synthetic sunglasses.

Jenny Dua Lipa

BLACKPINK’s Jenny, Dua Lipa, and world-famous singers have gathered together.

Dua Lipa showed off her friendship by releasing a photo of her with BLACKPINK’s Jenny on her social media on the 7th.

In the photo released, Dua Lipa and Jenny are posing sensibly in sunglasses. Jenny is looking in the mirror with her unique black sunglasses.

Jenny, wearing a cropped top, draws attention by showing off her 11-shaped abs that have been strengthened by exercise. Dua Lipa also posed affectionately with Jenny, wearing a short top with a slightly exposed waist.

Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK released their 2018 collaboration “Kiss and Makeup.” Dua Lipa also staged a joint performance of “Kiss and Makeup” at BLACKPINK’s North American concert in 2019. “Dua Lipa was the most caring and kind artist I’ve ever met,” Jenny said. “This stage was like a dream.”

BLACKPINK Jenny and Lisa are staying in the United States. Although the reason for his stay has not been disclosed, expectations are high for the release of the new album as it is known to be for working on a new song.

BLACKPINK’s Jenny, Dua Lipa, and world-famous singers

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