BLACKPINK’s Lisa is first solo song is called “Lalisa.”


BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut song “LALISA” has been revealed.

YG Entertainment announced on the 30th that “Lalisa” is the same title as BLACKPINK’s Lisa solo single.

Lisa will make her solo debut with a song with her name on it.

The title poster, which was released together, features Lisa’s gorgeous and provocative visuals, raising expectations for her solo debut.

she was dressed up with black bang hairstyles and colorful gold accessories reminiscent of Cleopatra, giving off an unrivaled aura.

In particular, his captivating eyes overwhelmed the viewer with their intense attraction.

His charisma is overwhelming, following the teaser video, which created a strange tension with lightning and thunder sounds that reminded him of the storm eve.

she will release her first solo single on September 10.파워볼사이트

The song will be released at 0 p.m. Eastern time and 1 p.m. Korean time.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is first solo song is called “Lalisa.”

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