Brooklyn Big 3 vs Los Angeles Lakers Big 3, ESPN Shock Prospects Brooklyn Win If No Injuries, Why?


The Los Angeles Lakers are not the most mentioned team in the NBA offseason recently. It’s the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets ranked first in the CBS Sports Power Ranking. ESPN made a more shocking assessment.

ESPN said on the 12th (Korean time), “If you are healthy, the Brooklyn Nets will definitely win the championship next season.” He is outperforming the Los Angeles Lakers.’

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed off-season Russell Westbrook. Big Three, along with existing LeBron James and Anthony Davis, has hired Westbrook, the league’s top offensive point guard.

But basketball is a team sport. It is important how the synergy of the “Big Three” will be maximized in the regular league and the playoffs. In this regard, the Los Angeles Lakers point out that there is a lot of anxiety about defense and three-point shots.

What about Brooklyn? Kevin Durant was successful in extending his contract. He renewed his contract between 2025 and 2026.

Brooklyn’s Big Three is powerful. But it is unbalanced. The real ace is Durant. He’s the best shooter in the league, and he’s a scorer. He is an unstoppable player with a normal one-on-one score. ESPN said, “The team’s influence cannot be considered to be under LeBron now.” Here are James Harden and Kaylee Irving.

They have a player option at the end of the 2021-2022 season. You can stay in the team and re-evaluate the market by qualifying as an FA. Another reason Brooklyn renewed his contract with Durant.

Because Durant signed a long-term contract, Harden and Irving could also renew their contracts with Brooklyn if Brooklyn wins the championship this season. Their annual salary is a problem. In that case, Brooklyn could attract more efficient role players to the Big Two system.

Local media in the U.S. say Brooklyn is the best off-season winner. Of course, the Brooklyn Big Three still has the insecurity of defense. And Brooklyn doesn’t have a good under-goal centre. However, Durant made sure to set the winning line by signing a long-term contract. It certainly motivated the Big Three to win. On top of that, he has hired role players James Johnson and Patty Mills, who can make up for detailed weaknesses.

Johnson is a player in charge of bad work such as teammate Bruce Brown. Here Mills has an efficient shooting option. In other words, the detailed weaknesses of the Brooklyn “Big 3” defense and the detailed weaknesses of the attack options (the attack route varies, but the big 3’s ball share increases as much as so. In that case, a simple play by an efficient shooter is needed, which means that Patty Mills has made a good bid to fill the gap. 파워볼사이트

Blake Griffin, who changed his style, can be used as a stretchy big man, and can also expect the growth of newbie Nicholas Clexton, who showed impressive performance last season.

Brooklyn Big 3 vs Los Angeles Lakers Big 3

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