BTS j-hope, a solo album that recognizes QR without a CD

BTS j-hope

BTS J-Hope will release his first solo album without a physical CD.

J-Hope will be the first runner to open BTS Act 2. “Jack in the Box,” which will be released on the 15th of next month, contains the ambition to break the mold and show a level of growth.

Through J-Hope’s first solo, the agency makes a new attempt to make a “Weverse Album” without a CD. Weverse Album is a service that allows you to enjoy all of the album’s songs and photo contents that recognize QR codes through an application created by Weverse under Hive. It differs from the existing USB albums in that it is completely digital.

J-Hope is the first to release a CD-free album not only for Big Hit Music but also for all labels. As a result, attention is focused on how J-Hope’s solo album will be reflected in the U.S.

According to his agency Big Hit Music, “Jack in the Box” is a physical album and is not reflected in the U.S. Billboard’s main album chart, “Billboard 200.”

Of course, there is room for it to be reflected in the number of streams converted into album sales (SEA) and the number of digital sound source downloads converted into album sales (TEA).

However, it is expected that there will be no problem in reflecting domestic music charts. Gaon Chart said, “In addition to albums such as CDs that are directly fixed and sold to existing physical media, Kit and platform albums that are accessed and used through physical media are also counted as albums if they meet certain standards.”

Big Hit Music also explained, “Weverse album sales will be reflected in domestic Hanteo and Gaon charts.” 안전놀이터

All tracks of “Jack in the Box” will be released on the 15th of next month. The CD-free Weverse album will be released on April 29.

BTS j-hope, a solo album that recognizes QR without a CD

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