BTS J-Hope, the recent status of “Trainer” that he delivered himself…”I think you’re doing well”

Group BTS J-Hope revealed the recent status of Jin who joined the military.

J-Hope communicated with fans through Weverse Live titled “Happy New Year!” on the 1st.

J-Hope said, “22 was a year of new challenges for me. It was an unforgettable year during the BTS activities. And Jin, the eldest brother, went to the army,” he said.

“In fact, I got a call from Jin before I went to bed yesterday. When I asked him how he was doing, he told me to answer the phone.”

He said, “Listening to Jin’s voice comforted me. It was really nice to remember the moments we spent together, he said. “But I think I’m doing well in good health.” If I say hello to Jin instead, I think he looks too healthy and is doing well. “I hope you don’t worry.”

Meanwhile, Jin entered the Key Recruitment Training Unit of the Army’s 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, on the 13th of last month. He will serve in the Army after five weeks of basic military training.
BTS Music style?
Overall, they build their own worldview through songs with the main themes of thoughts, worries, life, love, dreams and adversity of teenagers and 20s, and show how they organically solve the connected stories through various music videos.
The school series trilogy “2 COOL 4 SKOOL”, “O!”RUL8,2?”, “SKOOL LUV AFFAIR”, expresses the life, love, social coercion and absurdity felt by teenagers with their perspective and energy that they have lived quite fiercely since they were teenagers.
Starting with the 3rd mini-album “Hwayang Yeonhwa pt.1,” the hardships of young people in their 20s have begun to be revealed, and in fact, the members can feel more mature than before from this album’s activities. Since then, stories that young people over college students begin to experience, such as the N-pop generation, passion pay, social inequality represented by the theory of the spoon class, and local sentiment, appear in the lyrics.
Moving on to the second full-length album “WINGS” [28], which received the BTS’s first grand prize and made it known to the world in earnest, it talks about the pain, temptation, and maturity that youth suffers as it grows. Sometimes, the song lyrics directly mention a specific place name or trademark, so it is judged that terrestrial broadcasting is not possible, but it is a matter that corresponds to some songs on the album.
The second full-length repackage album “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” was released as a follow-up to “WINGS”, along with “Spring Day”, “Not Today”, “Outro: Wings”, and “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”. With the message, “We can laugh together,” it contains “comfort” and “hope” given to the youth living in this era. In particular, the title song “Spring Day” has been loved by fans and the public since its release, staying in the top 100 on the Melon chart for years, becoming the longest-ever chart-in song ever.
The LOVE YOURSELF series is a total of three episodes (winning, ex-conclusion) that successfully ends with the “LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ album, which contains BTS’s views and dual messages about parting, and the “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ album, which contains the message that loving me is the beginning of true love. In the album, Chinese characters, which mean “euijeongyeol,” were used one by one, and if you want to know the whereabouts of “gi,” see LOVE YOURSELF 起 “Wonder.”
“BTS WORLD OST” consists of four songs. “Dream Glow” is a unit song by Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and Charlie XX. Through the hopeful lyrics, dreams are the happiest things while dreaming, and if you are dreaming, you have not given up yet. “A Brand New Day” was joined by V, J-Hope, and Zara Larsson, and has a unique tone from the beginning. I sang about my will to achieve my dream if I concentrate on the voice inside me even though I have a fear and fear. “All Night” is a song co-produced by RM, Suga, and Juice WRLD, and you can feel the emotions of the 90s. It sings about the BTS running day and night toward its dream. Overall, it contains a hopeful message.
The story of “MAP OF THE SOUL Series” is about the love of fans on the “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” album, and BTS, who has been in his eighth year (7 years) since his debut, looks back on himself on the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA”.
The economic effect of “Dynamite” on Korea by topping the Billboard Hot 100 is estimated to be at least 1.7 trillion won, and the meaning and influence of “Dynamite” is significant at a time when people around the world suffer from COVID-19. It deserves to be called an emotional vaccine that heals the hearts of people all over the world. # BTS, which has captivated both fandom and the public around the world, has become a worldwide superstar in name and reality.

BTS J-Hope, the recent status of “Trainer” that he delivered..

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