BTS, Japan Record Association 12th ‘Platinum’…We passed “Idol” too.

Global super group “BTS” has received another “Platinum” certification from the Japan Record Association.


According to the Japan Record Association on the 30th, the title song “IDOL” of BTS’s third full-length repackage “LOVE YOURSELF An Answer” released in August 2018 exceeded 100 million cumulative plays and became a “platinum” certified work as of December last year.

According to the number of cumulative songs played (streaming section), the Japan Record Association divides the songs into silver (more than 30 million), gold (more than 50 million), platinum (more than 100 million), and diamonds (more than 500 million) and announces the results on its official website every month.

BTS has obtained Platinum certification with a total of 12 songs, including “Your Eyes Tell,” “FAKE LOVE,” “Life Goes On,” “Film Out” and “DNA,” in the streaming category of the Japan Record Association, including “Idol.” As “Dynamite,” it was also listed on the list of “Diamond” certified works.

Meanwhile, BTS set a record for the first time in Oricon’s history of surpassing 3 million points with its single CD “Butter” on the latest chart released by Oricon in Japan (January 30th / January 22nd, 2023). “Butter” and “Dynamite” are ranked first and third in the accumulated points of Oricon’s “Total Single Ranking,” respectively.

In addition, “Butter” ranked second in the “Weekly Combined Singles Ranking” (May 31, 2021) and maintained the top 10 for 60 consecutive weeks until the chart on July 18, 2022. It ranked 46th on the latest chart (January 30, 2023) and continues to perform well.

In addition, BTS ranked first in the ‘annual ranking 2022’ released in December last year for the second consecutive year in the ‘total ranking of sales by artist’.

BTS, Japan Record Association 12th ‘Platinum’…We

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