BTS Jin, Shazam Re-emerges as Top 10 Global Weeks

BTS Jin re-emerged at the top of the weekly chart of the world’s largest music search platform Shazam, showing off his strong presence as a top solo artist.

Jin topped the “week’s top 10 artists” chart released on Jan. 7, ranking first for 14 weeks.

As a result, Jin renewed his own record of being the first and longest No. 1 Korean artist and the longest No. 1 artist in the world in 2022.

Jin recorded 28 weeks of “Top 2” and 29 weeks of “Top 10” chart-in on the “Shazam Global Weekly Top 10 Artist,” where top artists from around the world are fiercely competing, breaking the record of the first and longest K-pop artist.


The only K-pop artists who topped the “Shazam Global Week Top 10 Artists” are BTS and Jin, who are active. In response, Jin set a new record as the only K-pop artist to top both solo artists and groups, showing the unrivaled power of “Shazam King.”

Jin was on par with top artists around the world, with Lady Gaga in second place and Rema in third place following Jin in first place.

Jin’s first solo single “The Astronaut” (The Astronaut) topped the Shazam “Global TOP 200” chart on Jan. 8, ranking first for seven consecutive days.

It also topped the list for a total of 30 days, setting a new record of the longest number of K-pop songs released in 2022. Jin’s “The Astronaut,” which entered the Shazam “Global” chart at the same time as its release, showed the potential of a top solo artist by settling on the chart for 69 consecutive days and 72 consecutive days.

Last year, Jin’s first solo OST “Yours” topped the Shazam “Global TOP 200” chart with 102 days, the “first and longest K-pop” chart, making Jin the “first and only K-pop solo artist to top the Shazam “Global TOP 200” chart.

As of the 8th, “The Astronaut” topped the “Japan TOP 200” chart for 71 consecutive days, while Jin’s “Yours” ranked second, taking first and second place for 44 consecutive days, showing overwhelming solo power.

In particular, Jin’s “Yours” has entered the charts for 384 days in a row and 427 days in a row, setting a strong long-run chart-in record.

On the Shazam “Korea TOP 200” chart, “The Astronaut” entered third place as of the 8th, followed by all eight Jin’s solo songs, including “Yours,” “Epiphany,” “Night,” “Awake,” “Abyss,” “Moon” and “Super Tuna,” realizing Jin’s powerful brand.

“The Astronaut” also topped the “Global TOP 200” chart “K-Pop” for 69 consecutive days. In the “Film, TV & Stage” category, Jin’s “Yours” is setting a long-run milestone of ranking first in a total of 392 days.

Jin’s “The Astronaut” surpassed 5.52 million Shazam for the first time in K-pop released in 2022 on January 8, breaking its own record of the most Shazam K-pop in 2022.

In addition, Jin proved the power of the top solo artist in Sha-zam with four solo songs (Yours, Epiphany, and Moon) surpassing 1 million Shazam.

Jin, nicknamed “Shazam King,” has achieved remarkable results by dominating the Shazam chart in succession from his first solo OST “Yours” to his first solo single “The Astronaut.”

BTS Jin, Shazam Re-emerges as Top 10 Global Weeks

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