BTS RM, speaking to the UN, said, “Am I a diplomat? I was confused”


Top idol group BTS leader RM expressed his honest feelings about the UN speech.

Rolling Stone released a talk interview between RM and American rapper Pharrell Williams on the 1st.

In the interview, RM expressed his thoughts on meeting President Biden and speaking at the UN General Assembly.

First, RM said, “I never imagined this would happen,” and added, “I think I became a representative of the Asian community. “Do you like me that much?” I also doubted whether I deserve all the responsibility.”

In particular, RM said, “When I was 15, I performed in front of 10 people in a small club, and I forgot most of the lyrics at the time, so I realized that I wasn’t a star and I wasn’t a frontman who could enjoy everything on stage.”

Meanwhile, RM also mentioned his solo comeback number slightly and said, “It’s 90% complete. I’ve also released some mixtapes before, which was a bit of an experiment. “This album will be my first official solo album,” he said.

RM said, “It’s been 10 years since I debuted as BTS. I started my career as a rapper and lyricist. K-pop is like a mix, so it was difficult (to accept it), and I think there are pros and cons in its own way.”

RM also said, “I don’t think it was our intention, but we became social figures, and we accepted it. As a K-pop singer, I was confused by the thought of ‘Am I a diplomat?’ when I made a speech at the UN or met the president.

BTS RM, speaking to the UN, said, “Am I a diplomat? I was confused”

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