BTS RM’s “Indigo” and “Billboard 200” ranked third…Korea’s Best Solo Record


RM’s first solo album, “Indigo,” ranked third on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200.” bts

On the 27th (Korea Standard Time), Billboard said in a chart preview article, “RM became the first BTS member to have the top 10 albums of ‘Billboard 200’.”

“Billboard bts aggregates the album consumption ranking by adding the sales volume of traditional albums such as physical albums, the number of streams converted into album sales (SEA), and the number of digital music downloads converted into album sales (TEA).

Of the 83,000 album sales recorded by “Indigo,” 79,000 physical CD albums and 4,000 SEA albums were counted. There were very few TEAs.

“Indigo” debuted at No. 15 on “Billboard  on the 17th, but fell out of the rankings on the 24th. However, with the recent release of physical CDs, album sales increased, re-entering the third place on the “Billboard 200

This is the second time RM has entered the “Billboard as a solo. “Mono.” released in October 2018, ranked 26th in the “Billboard 200.” In particular, RM is the first BTS member to enter the top 10 of “Billboards 200” as a soloist.

Indigo’s third-place record for “Billboard” is also the best performance by a Korean solo artist. In July, Na-yeon of the group TWICE ranked seventh in the “Billboard 200” with her first solo album “IM NAYEON,” which was the best performance for a Korean solo artist.

“RM is the second member to enter the chart as a solo project in 2022 after J-Hope entered the Billboards at 17th place,” Billboard introduced.

BTS RM’s “Indigo” and “BillboardS 200” ranked third…Korea’s

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