BTS SUGA “Daechwita” MV hit 400 million views


The music video of the group BTS Suga’s “Daechwita” surpassed 400 million views.

The number of views on YouTube for the music video of “Daechwita,” the title track of Suga’s second mixtape “D-2,” released in May 2020, exceeded 400 million views.

“Daechwita”(大吹打) is a song with a unique atmosphere that combines traditional Korean instruments such as trap beat, taepyeongso, and kkwaenggwari, and is characterized by sampling of traditional military music Daechwita. On top of that, Suga’s rapping, which compares himself to a “bum,” is impressive.

Meanwhile, BTS SUGA became the first Korean solo artist to enter the U.S. Billboard main single chart and the main album chart at the same time with “Daechwita” and “D-2,” which contains the song.

BTS SUGA “Daechwita” MV hit 400 million views

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