BTS V, “Ring” on the ring finger of his right hand


With the group BTS officially suspending its group activities nine years after its debut, a pictorial of member V was released.

V posted several photos taken by photographer Kim Hee-joon on his SNS on the 16th with the message “vcut.”

The photo shoot, which was released immediately after the decision was made to do individual activities for each member, drew more attention.

In the pictorial, V wore a gray jacket with a unique pattern and posed under the light falling in a cross pattern.

In another photo, he wore a long black jacket with fur and black pants to create intense eyes.

In V’s close-up cut, the ring on the ring finger of the right hand stood out.

Meanwhile, BTS announced on the 14th that it would suspend its group activities by expressing its intention for personal activities through the video of the YouTube channel “BTS TV.” 토토추천

BTS V, “Ring” on the ring finger of his right hand

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