Cat Carrot’s tearful survival delegation’s private wealth to survive


Goyang Carrot front desk couldn’t leave the club’s office until after midnight on the 17th. The untimely ‘night shift’ was due to unpaid wages. Carrot, which has been delayed in the team’s salary for three months, was scheduled to pay the delayed salary for February by the day. I was originally informed by a high-ranking member of the club who went out to get funds that it would be deposited by 5 p.m. and waited. However, the deposit time was postponed to 12 p.m., and no funds were received until the 17th.

The front desk staff, including Secretary-General Kim Sung-hun, who was leaving the office in despair, could not hide their tears. It’s not that I didn’t get the same ‘my salary’ as I was in my life. When he was in Incheon Electronic Land, he fully experienced a tight living, and the Carrot club also suffered financial difficulties from the beginning of its re-foundation, which caused a stir.

Their tears were due to their sorry for the squad. The past two months have kept the delayed payment date, but this time, he has become a “shepherding boy” because he has delayed the date further and failed to keep it.

In fact, it is not the fault of the team’s front desk. This is a disaster caused by the so-called parent company (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction), which is unable to “parent” the professional club into a “Nakdong River duck egg.” If the owner lets go of his hand because he is incapable, it is enough. However, the front desk, who have to manage the club somehow, knows how much the team is suffering, so they keep apologizing even though they are not paid.

The Carrot club’s financial pain is not just on the payroll. Currently, it is known that the debt to partner companies such as event agencies and security companies alone exceeds 200 million won. Until now, it had endured a month later due to credit transactions, but it has been piled up in debt as the support of the parent company has been completely cut off.

It would be nice to use the admission fee for this season’s home game when you are in a hurry, but you can’t. This is because Orion, the former owner, has placed a provisional seizure on admission fee income to preserve the unpaid amount (1.8 billion won estimated) of the sale. In the case of Carrot, the entrance income for a season is about 700 million won. In Carrot’s circumstances, it’s like rain in a drought, but the pain is aggravated because it can’t be touched. However, Orion cannot be blamed because it failed to pay for the acquisition.

Here’s a more tearful backstory. Huh Jae, head of the game division, and Park No-ha, head of the management division, are taking care of the club’s operating expenses by shaking off their personal wealth. He is using his personal credit card to pay for urgent club operating expenses that cannot be traded on credit. Corporate cards, which have run out of balance due to the suspension of support, are useless. As they kept scratching their cards in a hurry, the two representatives reportedly spent more than 100 million won.

In the midst of this, the children are making great achievements, saying that they are in trouble in the stream. Head coach Kim Seung-ki and the team began preparing for the “Spring Basketball” early with a hit product called “The Best Shooter Jeon Sung-hyun ever.”

The front desk also called “New Spring” off the court. Currently, the average number of spectators in Carrot’s home games (25 games) is 2,201. It is an amazing box office hit, which has tripled from the average of 744 during Orion last season. It also jumped from last place to fifth place in the crowd mobilization rankings of 10 clubs, and surpassed Seoul Samsung’s Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium (average 1,814 people), which is a box office guarantee check. You can see how hard the front desk players played as well as the team.

Although it gave a new “spring day” to the basketball barren Goyang, Carrot’s tears are unlikely to dry up for a while. The salary for February has also been postponed, but the remaining subscription fee (1 billion won) due by the 31st is even more hopeless 파워볼추천

In a way, the Carrot club’s tearful survival is not about 10 days away, but just the beginning.

Cat Carrot’s tearful survival delegation’s private wealth to survive

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