Cataract surgery cost (non-payment of actual cost insurance)


Cataract surgery itself costs nothing The price of the lens is several times higher than the fee. The fee is determined by the price of the lens, so if you use a regular lens, you can use the best premium multifocal lens from 200,000 won yesterday and the best lens with astigmatism

But using regular lenses now has medical insurance, so at that price, we can get cataract surgery that allows us to use lenses for life at around 2.3 million won But if I don’t want to wear a magnifying glass, and if I have astigmatism, I want to correct astigmatism and be completely free from the glasses company In that case, if you use the latest multi-focus lens, premium astigmatism lens, the cost could be 300,000 won and up to your 30s

In the past, when I couldn’t predict new good technology coming out, even in that little state of being made, actual insurance has developed good technology and has to cover the cataract surgery where good food comes out Now that good technology is too expensive, the actual cost insurance that comes out these days can cost a little more to get such surgery, or it can be excluded from that, so you have to pay for non-payment artificial lens lenses separately But there are times when you have to pay for the surgery

Cataract surgery cost (non-payment of actual cost insurance)

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